Traditional Thai massage is based on the understanding that a persons’ health and well being rely on the balance of life energy.

Traditional Thai massage is administered on a high density foam mat on floor level

The recipient is provided with clean, loose and comfortable clothing and is fully clothed for the duration of the massage.

Traditional Thai massage is a unique form of massage. The masseur uses their thumbs, fingers, hands, forearms, elbows and knees to apply pressure and manipulate specific points located along ‘life energy lines’ that flow throughout the body. This is combined with a variety gentle stretching techniques to provide many health benefits.

 * Increases flexibility and joint movement

* Assists postural alignment

* Improves blood circulation

* Stimulates internal organs

* Improves neurological functioning

* Relieves tension and stress

* Helps rid muscles of toxins

* Helps the healing of long term injuries

* Balances the energy flow throughout the body

* Helps strengthen the immune system

* Induces deep relaxation

* Calms the mind

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